A transition from comparing ‘what’ to demonstrating ‘why’

"A new value-first approach that aligns internal and external perceptions on the value Prediktor delivers"

Prediktor Case Study


The challenge: break out and go global

Prediktor’s success in Norway was built upon a high-level of expertise and knowledge, excellent relationships and a ‘can-do’ attitude to solving highly complex challenges. This was how Prediktor helped some of Norway’s biggest companies become global leaders within their field. Now, Prediktor was embarking on a similar mission, to take their expertise beyond Norway to become global leaders within industrial IT. 

Going global meant less reliance on existing relationships and networks and greater reliance on sales and marketing, especially inbound marketing.

Communication and sales materials needed to: 

Go beyond the unmet need, feature and benefit focus employed by all competitors.

Be consistent, easy to adopt and customer centric.

Cover all aspects of the sales funnel

We also investigated whether there was an opportunity to design a new category, as the existing category allowed suppliers to participate even if their products only addressed a small part of the solution. Prediktor wanted a new forward-looking category that they could own, and that could lock out the competition.


The solution: understanding, articulating and delivering value

We needed an outside in perspective of customer pains and gains, as well as the language and terminology they used to discuss them, and we needed to understand their perceptions of value. We started with 30 in-depth telephone interviews conducted across the globe talking to decision makers such as CEOs & CIOs and end-users such as Operations Managers. This enabled us to identify:

Step 1 – Gathering insights

Commonalities in challenges

Wished for solutions

Customer language

This enables us to draft a series of value drivers for each segment. We also conducted desktop research in order to conduct a clone tests for each of the priority products. The clone test looked at key messages, in order to identify communication gaps and opportunities.

Step 2 – Driving alignment

Next we held two value-proposition design workshops for two priority products. The first workshop pulled together the market research, the clone tests and the internal knowledge in order to begin aligning features and benefits to identified needs. This resulted in a reprioritising of key features and benefits, and a new understanding of what were hygiene factors and what were value drivers.

Building on the conclusions of the first workshop, and some further development by &Robin, the second workshop focused on developing a new, value-based communication framework that went beyond benefits. Prioritised features and benefits were translated into value-based outcomes, or new realities that we knew the customers desired. At the conclusion of the second workshop, we had full agreement on how to align our value drivers to the customer identified pains and gains, and a near final key message bank tailored to key customer profiles, aligned and prioritised to needs and desires.


Step 3 – Crafting the offer

&Robin could now progress with developing a new, value-based communication framework knowing that most of the ‘subjectivity debates’ were locked down. Any features, benefits and value drivers being used to develop the value-proposition, the value story and the tailored message bank were basically approved. We could move into craft with absolute confidence in the foundation.

With a near final draft of the value-based communication framework in place, sanity checked against the earlier clone tests to ensure differentiation, we knew we had the potential to develop a new, more desirable category that Prediktor could deliver on and own. We were able to develop a category blueprint that established new minimal requirements for participation, that would lock out nearly all competitors.

Step 4 – What we delivered

Prediktor’s new communication frameworks (for its two key products) contains:

A new, powerful articulation of the ‘problem’ that drives urgency

A new category blueprint that disqualifies their most prolific competitors

A validated value proposition crafted for external use (The Why)

A value story that serves as proof of value (The Why & How)

A value-based key message bank that tracks back to features (The What)

Since sign off of the new value-based communication frameworks, &Robin has helped Prediktor update it sales materials and its web content for its two key products.

Landing Page
Sales Presentation


The result: a category lockout

A new value-first approach that aligns internal and external perceptions on the value Prediktor delivers, as well as marketing and sales materials that ensure communication is consistent, value first and relevant to customers. A new subcategory design has changed the rules of participation, and made communication and clarity easier by locking out competitors who oversell their capabilities, or position ‘part solutions’ as ‘whole solutions’.

Because the value-propositions, value stories and key message banks were crafted for external use, the communication frameworks themselves are providing the bulk of the content being pushed out for inbound marketing campaigns. This greatly reduces the need to develop more content on top.

Because the new value-based communication frameworks are now driving all communication, the development costs of key communication assets for inbound marketing, such as explainer films, are significantly reduced.


Total alignment on value

Both the value-based communication frameworks have been rolled out in key markets via inbound and sales calls. As Prediktor rapidly expands its sales and marketing activities globally, they are also being adapted as on-boarding and sales training tools.

Contact us today to learn more about how &Robin can help you shift to a customer relevant, value first approach.

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