Accelerating excellence: 
New sales training concept takes off globally

“Customers are looking for more than product expertise; they’re looking for solutions that drive and simplify their business​es.”



The challenge: A global need for frontline sales excellence

Over the past five years, managers across the organisation had been seeing a rise in new players and new innovations entering the market​. Faced with changes in the buying process and increasing competition, the organisation’s global Sales Excellence team was tasked with addressing a new sales reality – and bold moves would be needed to revamp the sales model. 

Across markets, sales reps face similar challenges. Customers are looking for more than expertise; they’re looking for solutions that drive and simplify their business​es. The quality of the sales effort is therefore fundamental in building value-based relationships and maximising opportunities.

But without a unified training approach and common sales methodology, similar upskilling initiatives would just be developed simultaneously by multiple internal stakeholders – and often at significant expense. 


The solution: Organisation-wide change based on value and applicability

&Robin partnered with the company’s Sales Excellence team to first determine the organisational needs and then design a unified sales methodology and training approach. The ‘needs discovery’ phase included in-depth interviews with sales reps, sales managers and other relevant stakeholders from around the world and across the organisation’s different companies. The findings helped ensure a focus on the skills that matter most. 

New tools and models were designed to align the organisation’s existing sales framework with the new market reality and the needs of sales reps in the field. Based on this evolved, value-based sales methodology, &Robin and the Sales Excellence team built an e-learning programme as well as a two-day sales training workshop that could be implemented in markets everywhere.



The results: Consistency, structure and accountability

After a successful pilot workshop, both the face-to-face workshop and a new series of comprehensive eLearning modules are being rolled out across the organisation. The initial workshop scored 4.8 out of 5 and markets are excited to start working with a standardised playbook that allows managers to measure performance and effectiveness, use a common set of tactics and share learnings. 

With the entire organisation aligned around one sales process and methodology, the company now benefits from a common point of reference between sales and marketing as well as greater accountability across all sales activities.


A foundation for future sales success

Today, the team is busy extending the sales training journey, ensuring the learnings are reinforced beyond the classroom by refining practical tools for both managers and reps in the field. And with a strong, aligned foundational knowledge in place, new assets will serve to further boost competencies and drive future sales success.

Contact us today to learn more about how &Robin can help you address your challenges within sales and marketing excellence.

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