An exercise in unravelling complexity with design

Preparing for the global stage - an updated visual identity



The challenge: transforming a relationship-based business to a marketing-based business

Prediktor was founded in 1995 by some of Norway’s leading academics and thought leaders in engineering cybernetics. Their focus had always been on solving complex data driven challenges. Prediktor was working with digital twins before the term had even been coined. Backed by investors who recognised that Prediktor’s unique skills could fill a global need, the company is now transforming. As the company expands into new markets and completely changes the way they operate, communication and inbound marketing are as important as digital twins. To reflect this transformation, we were tasked with giving Prediktor a much-needed brand refresh, bringing them into 2020 and reflecting the cutting-edge work they continue to pioneer.


The solution: a tailored and refined toolbox

We embarked on a discovery phase that started with a competitor analysis. We needed to understand the patterns and gaps in order to ensure that we could differentiate visually. Internally we conducted interviews with different stakeholders to get a strong understanding how the brand was used. One thing that was repeated regularly was that Prediktor needed help simplifying a very complex offering. From here we developed several territories that enables us to explore and finesse, before finally narrowing in on a clear direction. The refreshed identity stays true to Prediktor’s past, its Norwegian heritage, while allowing flexibility to grow. A key element, the data stream, connects with Prediktor’s core and helps them truly stand out, especially when animated in digital channels.


The results: intuitive implementation

The refreshed identity is being rolled out as we speak. Sales presentations are being updated along with a new website. Complex diagrams and icons have been simplified in order to unravel complexity and have now been animated using the new look and feel. Above all, the intuitive nature of the refreshed identity is making this process pain free. With the flexibility to grow, images and icons will continue to be added to the toolbox in the coming months. Combine this with our other Prediktor projects in brand architecture and value communication – Prediktor’s communications will soon shine.

If you would like to give your brand a refresh, so it looks fantastic without being presented with a bloated scope and budget, get in touch. We are big on collaboration and go all in – we will work with you to understand your needs, your short- and long-term strategy and your customers to give you the best solution.

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