About us

&Robin is bursting with the kind of drive and ambition that you would expect from an independent start-up agency.

But because it was founded on long-lasting professional relationships, it packs one hell of an experienced punch. The &Robin partners have been working together for the last 5-to-10 years, so our strong collaboration has been tried and tested. We’ve been in the trenches together, we’ve developed and executed global communication strategies together and we’ve built a segment leading agency for one of the world’s largest agency networks together. 

We are multinational, hailing from the UK, the US and Denmark, and have diverse backgrounds ranging from biomedical science to art history. We have vast experience in B2B and healthcare, working across many different industries and therapy areas.

We are &Robin. We are a sleeves-up, impact marketing and communication consultancy…
and we go all in.

The Partners 


Alan Emmins

+45 25 36 59 50

Ulrik Horten

Ulrik Horten

+45 60 80 20 30

Kelly Kyst

Kelly Kyst

+45 26 84 95 06

Kristian Holden

Kristian Holden

+45 26 32 07 21

Our promise

We invest in strong starts – we invest considerable time and resources to understand your industry in order to minimize agency hand holding.

We are great value – while we base budgets on estimated hours, it’s not what we base deliveries on. We treat every project as a best practice opportunity.

We go all in – when clients choose us as partners, we take that very personally, and adopt their competitors, challenges and ambitions as our own.

We are big on collaboration – from workshops to onsite teams, we know the best results come from close collaborations.

We unravel complexity – our vast experience, from pharmaceuticals to cybernetic engineering, means we specialise in finding context for brain freezers.

We are full of beans – we are high energy, fully transparent and always challenging, but we have a lot of fun while we’re doing it.



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Kong Georgs Vej 19 · Baghuset · 2000 Frederiksberg · Denmark
+45 25 36 59 50 · CVR: 40482377